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Image by Henry Be

Short Samhain Stories for All Hallows' Read

Soul, Captive

With Halloween upon us, and the spookful season in full swing, I've written a new short story of spectral sombreness. (Lot of 'S's in that sentence!). Originally written for Frisson Comics latest edition of Knock Knock: Whispers Beyond the Void, which was launched at MCM London Comic Con this past weekend, Soul, Captive is the story of a ghost mournfully trapped in a half-life after death, not yet able to move Beyond...

Poignantly illustrated by Matilda Dawes, Matilda's art never just visualises but evokes the essence of the piece. Her work beautifully (albeit heart-achingly) captures and conveys the soul of the story, and brings it evocative and haunting (after)life.

You can read the story here, or buy the latest edition of Knock Knock over on Frisson's page to enjoy the many other wonderful tales and artwork therein.

A Tangled Web We Weave

And it just wouldn't be Halloween without a new Sam Hain story! While certain things which mortal tongues dare not speak of are in the works, I decided to write a quick short story to celebrate this All Hallows' Eve.

In A Tangled Web We Weave, Sam Hain returns home from a Halloween session of D&D, only to find some unexpected visitors laying in wait for him…

You can read the new short story here, and I hope you enjoy this tale of arcane arachnid absurdity!

I hope you enjoy reading these new short stories as much as I enjoyed writing them, and I wish you a blessed Samhain, a haunting Halloween, and a happy All Hallows' Read!


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