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Image by Henry Be

Celebrating 10 Years of Sam Hain!

10 years ago today, I released All Hallows' Eve, the first novella in the Sam Hain series. Not that I knew it was the first in a series at the time, of course. It was, in the beginning, simply a story I'd written to celebrate Neil Gaiman's All Hallows' Read for Halloween 2013, which then became a few more stories, which - a few years and several books later - then grew into the first volume in an ongoing series of occult detective adventures.

It was the beginning of an unexpected and exciting journey, one which started me on my path as a writer. With 10 books (soon to be 11) so far in the series, plus several other stories and novellas, each new tale is a thrilling adventure to write.

To mark the 10 year anniversary of Sam Hain and Alice Carroll's first adventure together, I've relaunched the stories so far with new cover designs. I'm delighted with how the new styles have turned out (they're even better in the real, papery flesh!). And there's more to come soon…

The newly styled books are now available on Amazon, in paperback and on Kindle, or you can find out more about the series on the Sam Hain page here.

And to everyone who has supported me on this journey, who's read and enjoyed the books, has been excited for each new installment, and has come to talk all things magick and mystery at events and comic cons over the years… Thank you. Knowing people enjoy reading these stories as much as I enjoy writing them is one of my most heartfelt joys. You're all a part of the Sam Hain magic. And here's to many more arcane adventures with Sam and Alice still to come!

All right, sentimental post over. Go back to your night of warding off ghouls and eating too many sweets (maybe read a book about an occult detective), and have a happily haunting Halloween!


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