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Image by Henry Be

The Lost Songs of the Emissaries of Beyond

On the 13th August 1988, the band known as the Emissaries of Beyond mysteriously vanished.

The performers were nowhere to be found. Their music was reduced to hollow recordings of silent static. Sheet music and lyrics became nothing more than thousands of pages of erased text. The memory of their existence was lost to the timeless void.

Until now…

The awesome artwork for the Emissaries of Beyond poster was illustrated by the transcendently talented Matilda Dawes, who brought my short story (and long lyrics) to life with her cosmic creation. Working together on creating the Emissaries and their story - who they are, where they're from and where they're going - was a thrilling adventure into strange mythos. Developing these ideas together has evolved the Emissaries beyond my expectations, and Matilda's vision while collaborating on the concept truly elevated it beyond the bounds of mortal minds!

To read more about the Emissaries of Beyond, and for the lyrics to the first of their lost songs "The Dark Between the Stars", please visit I hope you'll enjoy this glimpse beyond the star-lit veil, as much as we enjoyed delving into the deep dark between the stars.

Also, you can now follow the Emissaries over on Instagram at @emissariesofbeyond, where they'll likely be posting arcane and cryptic messages...

The Veil Thins.

The Curtain Calls.

Heaven Weeps When Angels Fall.


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