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The Curse of Marehill Manor, and Upcoming Comic Cons

I feel like I’ve been terribly remiss with keeping up with updates as of late. There is a good reason for it (or, at least, that’s what I tell myself with each moment I haven't sent out a new update)! After quite a while of writing in secrecy, working in the dark and shadowy corners of the mind, I have some exciting news... The next Sam Hain story, The Curse of Marehill Manor, is coming - rather fittingly - this Halloween.

I'll be pre-releasing the new book at London's MCM Comic Con this weekend (25th to 27th October) in the Comic Village, Table 85, ahead of the story's full release on the 31st, and celebrating the book's launch at Malta Comic Con on the 2nd and 3rd November. You can read more about Sam Hain's next adventure, as well as my upcoming convention adventures, below.

I can not wait to share the story with you all; it’s the perfect read for a spooky Samhain season!

The Curse of Marehill Manor

Marehill Manor harbours a dark and sinister secret…

Somewhere on the border betwixt London and Essex stands the once stately and venerable house, now decaying and long since abandoned to time. For over a century, anyone who has set foot within the cursed mansion has been tormented with nightmarish visions and insurmountable terror. Many do not dare to tread within Marehill's haunted halls, and those who do soon flee in fear. So of course, when Sam Hain learns of the manor and its dreadful reputation, he can't resist the promise of a new adventure. Together with Alice Carroll and James Mortimer, the occult detective sets out to delve deeper into Marehill's macabre mysteries.

In the third story in Volume II of the Sam Hain - Occult Detective series, the trio are plagued by a formidable and fearsome force as they begin to shine a light on the darkness which grips Marehill, and uncover its horrific history…

The Curse of Marehill Manor is officially released on Halloween, 31st October 2019.

Pre-release event 25th to 27th October, exclusively at...

MCM London Comic Con

This weekend, 25th to 27th October, I'll be at London's ExCeL Centre for MCM Comic Con. You can find me at Table 85 in the Comic Village, where I'll be selling and signing books, spinning stories and shaping sorcery.

Most excitingly, though, I'll be enthusiastically wittering on about The Curse of Marehill Manor and selling pre-release copies of the book. I am beyond thrilled to finally be able to share this story, and the secrets of that nightmarish mansion...

If you're going to be at MCM next weekend, please come along and say hello. I look forward to seeing you there.

For more information and to buy tickets for MCM Comic Con, click here.

Malta Comic Con

I'm also delighted to say that I will be at Malta Comic Con shortly after, on the 2nd and 3rd November. It'll be my first time appearing at this event, and I'm immensely looking forward to it. If you're going to be at MFCC, I look forward to seeing you there!

More information and tickets can be found on the Malta Comic Con website: click here.


I can not wait to share this new story with you all soon, and look forward to talking about it (at excruciating length!) at the upcoming events. I hope you'll enjoy exploring the horrors of Marehill's cursed chambers!

May your All Hallow's season be both blessed and haunting, and nary a demon cross thy threshold.


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