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Sam Hain: Careful What You Wish For - OUT NOW!

The genie is out of the bottle...

Good afternoon, and blessed Mabon.

As we pass this autumn equinox and begin to welcome in the darker months of the year, what better to cosy down with on a cool autumnal night than a new book?

The new absurd and arcane adventure in the Sam Hain series, Careful What You Wish For, is OUT NOW! (Sorry for shouting, I'm just really excited). It started out as a simple 20,000 word story, but somewhere along the way - much like the events of the book - things got a little out of hand and it's ended up being 57,000 instead. I hope you'll enjoy reading this new story as much as I've enjoyed writing it.

Careful What You Wish For

Strange things are afoot in Highbury and Islington… A husband in hospital with serious injuries. Another missing, seemingly vanished without a trace. An antique vase, allegedly cursed.

When Deirdre Roberts recounts the unsettling events she has experienced, Sam Hain and Alice Carroll find themselves embarking on a new curious case. However, as things begin to take a turn for the inexplicable and more bizarre situations start to mysteriously manifest, it appears that something more than a curse is at work. Their investigation soon becomes a desperate bid to put a stop to the magickal force behind it all, before it can cause any more chaos and misfortune.

In the fourth book of Volume II in the Sam Hain – Occult Detective series, our intrepid investigators have to be careful what they wish for, because it might just come true…

It seems rather fitting to commemorate the launch of a new book during the second harvest festival. Celebrating the seeds of an idea sown in the mind, which then sprouted into words upon a laptop screen, and now ready to be reaped and enjoyed.

CWYWF (an acronym, also possibly a town in Wales) is now available on Amazon internationally, both in paperback and on Kindle.

It feels odd releasing a new book without being at an event and signing copies. I miss it greatly. I'm saddened (even if it is abundantly sensible) that comic cons are currently off the cards, but I'm looking forward to the day when we're the other side of this plague-ridden period, and can enjoy mass gatherings and not wince any time someone coughs. And I look forward to seeing you again then.

In the meanwhile, stay safe, keep well, and happy reading!


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