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Image by Henry Be

Memories of Malta

I had been planning to write this yesterday afternoon while waiting for the plane, but my flight had been very discreetly cancelled and - after some polite negotiating - I ended up rescheduling for another one which was due to depart within ten minutes of the ticket being printed. So time to relax with a coffee and catch up with myself from this amazing week rapidly descended into a frenetic flurry through the airport...

A tremendous THANK YOU to everyone at Malta Comic Con for an absolutely phenomenal time. To the organisers - Fabio Agius, Christopher Muscat, Chris Le Galle, et al - for hosting this wonderful event, and for their incredible hospitality throughout our time in Malta. To the many fantastic and terrifically talented artists and guests - some old friends, and some new - for their exceptionally lovely company, sharing stories and adventures and a worryingly infectious thirst for karaoke. And to the myriad people who visited my table over the weekend, who talked of magic and mystery and the horrors which lurk beyond the veil of shadow, and were just as excited about my stories as I am.

Malta is a strikingly stunning country. From the captivating scenery, the rich and vibrant colours in the warm November sun, to the incredible architecture… It exudes a breath-taking aura. I wish I had more time there to explore the many sights and mysteries of the islands.

Of course, the indisputable highlight of my time in Malta was the fantastic people I had the immense pleasure of meeting and enjoying time with. Whether it be through the course of the convention itself; over dinner, drinks, and terribly addictive karaoke sessions; heading out on adventures, or simply relaxing by the luxurious blue of the sea, their company made an already great experience truly wonderful. Thank you all for making this event such a phenomenally fun and memorable one.

It’s been bloody brilliant, and far too great an experience to fully express in mere words.


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