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Image by Henry Be

Knock Knock. Who’s There? Tales of Frightful Folklore!

Back in April, I was talking with Matilda Dawes about myths and folklore. Not long after, I’d written the first draft of what was to become a short story - In the Shadow of Adirondack - based on one of these legends of ancient arcane lore, and Tildy had brought disturbing new life to my words with her awesome and harrowing artwork. Her vision created something far beyond my imagination/nightmares, for which I'm incredibly grateful!

And I’m thrilled to say that both that story and Tildy’s incredible illustration are featured in Frisson Comics latest Knock Knock horror anthology: Wyrd Folk and Wives’ Tales. An excerpt from the story, as well as Tildy's art, can be found below.

With over 100 pages by 34 talented artists and writers, the anthology is a fantastic collection showcasing an array of great stories, artwork and comics. It’s a thoroughly enjoyable art book (although I may be a tad biased towards pages 26 through 31!), and I hope you’ll enjoy it too.

In the Shadow of Adirondack was a fun short story to write, and I'm still utterly blown away by the illustration Tildy created for it. I hope you'll enjoy it too, alongside the many other fantastic contributions to this latest issue of Knock Knock.

For now, though, I shall return to the shadows to continue crafting the next arcane adventure...


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