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The man’s vocal disdain for your presence has irked you. Is it really too much to ask to go somewhere for a quiet drink and shelter from the weather? You’ve already decided diplomacy isn’t going to work - not in this situation - and you ball up your fist.


With a swift right-hook, you sock the man in the jaw.


He yelps in surprise and pain as something cracks. It might have been his jawbone, but judging by the sharp throbbing sensation in your knuckles it might also be your hand.


The man spits a loose tooth onto the floor, blood glistening on his lips.

A glint of malice shines in his eyes, and he returns the favour.


There’s another crack, and this time you know for certain it was your jaw. This is followed by a thump as your body hits the ground. The man packed quite a powerful punch.


Unfortunately, instigating a bar-brawl is not a very good first impression to make.


Others have got involved now, eager to join in the commotion. Glasses are smashed, chairs are picked up and shattered, fists are thrown. As the fight continues to spiral out of control, you are trampled in the chaos.


The last thing you see as your vision fades to black is an error message:

Error 404: Consciousness Not Found

You Have Failed.

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