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You have been guided to this website by a series of seemingly coincidental - though imperceivably interconnected - events.


Perhaps you were handed a business card from a strange man in a hat, or you picked it up from a table at a Comic Con. Maybe you’ve followed the link from a portentous post on social media. Or perchance you happened upon the address on the back of a particularly good urban fantasy book, or found it scrawled on a piece of paper on the London Underground.


In any case, that address has led you to this very place, in this very moment. A curious corner of cyberspace.


“Isn’t it weird,” you think to yourself, gazing at your screen, “how the text on this page is narrating what I’m thinking.”


Yes. You’re right. Or is it that you’re narrating what the page is thinking? Who truly knows who is the Author and who is the Reader in the events of our lives?


But such philosophical ponderings are purely academic.

What matters is, what do you want to do next?

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