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The Chronicles of Atlantis

The Chronicles of Atlantis is a three-part series of short stories, blending a mixture of fantasy, science fiction and mythology. The stories tell the tale of the first people to settle on planet Earth, the rise of the first civilisation and the Great Lemurian Empire, and the circumstances which lead to the eventual destruction of Lemuria and Atlantis...


Part One in the narrative can be found below, with further chapters coming soon.

In The Beginning...

Many millennia ago, in a time before recorded history began, there was once a vast empire which ruled across the expanse of the Earth. The heart of this ancient global empire was seated in the long lost land of Lemuria, then known as Mu – the Motherland. History has long forgotten much of what transpired on this mysterious land – its memory lost beneath the waves of time – of the disasters which befell the people of Lemuria, and of the events which lead to the rise and fall of Atlantis.


That land, once called Mu the Motherland, and henceforth known as Lemuria to those who can remember back to time immemorial, had been the seat of civilisation on planet Earth. It was a paradise where men and women lived longer lives – to be one hundred years of age was to be as an infant in the eyes of the people of Lemuria – and they lived in harmony with the men and women from far off lands and distant stars. There was no war, no famine, no poverty, and their health never faltered nor gave way to illness or disease. All was as one between the men and women, the animals and the plant life, the Earth and the heavens. And there was peace.


The land of Mu had first been settled by the ones who came before. This first civilisation was seeded from the stars, as beings from other worlds came to settle on the Earth plane. As their time on Earth continued and their influence on the planet grew, more and more people came to this world from many different star systems, from the far flung regions of this galaxy and from the galaxies beyond. They travelled far across space and time, crossing the void and traversing dimensions, and they came bearing gifts for the first civilisation, and they too chose to settle on the Earth plane. A peace between the many peoples of the stars was formed on the land of Mu, and with their multiple gifts of technology and wisdom and culture they forged the foundations for one of the greatest civilisations to ever rise.


The city of Lemuria, once called the City of Light, the Capital of Mu, stood as a shining standard for the new age which had dawned. Vast, glittering towers stood tall above the land, their large crystalline structures overlooking all. These pointed buildings of quartzite stone, clear and gleaming in the light, stood as high in the sky as they were rooted deep within the Earth. They were all connected by paths which stretched across the sky, skyways spanning from one spire to another. This place served as the Lemurian centre of government, with the Great Lemurian Empire overseen by the Council of Twelve, comprised of representatives from each of the major star-born civilisations who had come to this world.


The Lemurian civilisation was one based heavily on the use of crystals. Crystals of the Earth, and crystals from beyond the Earth, were of everyday use. Quartz stones were used to power their technology and record their knowledge, and other crystals were used to heal and balance both their physical and astral bodies if they fell out of balance. Grand repositories of knowledge housed the collective wisdom of all those who dwelled on Lemuria, available for all to access, to share and record wisdom, to impart their own knowledge, and communicate the teachings and ways of the myriad cultures from far and disparate stars. There was no need for vocal speech, for all spoke with their minds and not with their tongues. Together these men and women from far off worlds would quest for greater knowledge and unity, within themselves and the Universe, for the betterment of all and to further the civilisation of Lemuria along the path of ascension.


However, this blossoming civilisation caught the attention of jealous eyes, which leered and spied from the depths of dark space. For where there is wellness and prosperity, those who intend only pain and suffering will follow.


At first they came in the guise of peaceful visitors, these beings once called the Annunaki from star-less Nibiru, arriving on the Earth plane and offering gifts and false promises to the beings who settled on Mu. In a land of equals, those who would see themselves as above the rest would surely try to rise. And so they did, these beings from beyond the stars who came with mal-intent from across the void. Their influence was subtle at first, but subtlety was all they needed.


For the Great Lemurian Empire, the first civilisation, had expanded across the Earth by the time of the arrival of the dark ones. The capital remained on Mu, as the the seat of government and the centre of wisdom. Many who dwelled in Lemuria, on Mu, sought unity with one another, with the Earth and with the heavens, and pursued knowledge of the aetheric, seeking only a sense of oneness with all of creation. Meanwhile, on a floating city out in the ocean, now recalled as Atlantis, lived those who pursued scientific knowledge and understanding of the physical world around them.


The Council of Twelve, now Thirteen with the representative of the Annunaki from the dark world of Nibiru, found themselves in frequent debate, with parties vying to focus more on physical progress and utilising the natural resources of the Earth, whilst others argued to pursue pure spiritual wisdom, to ascend and return to the Source, and leave the planet unscathed by any pillaging of its resources.


Ao-Run, the Dragon King of Draco; Ningishzida and Aphoph, the Serpent Lords of Hydra and of Duat; Siris, the Avian Goddess of Lyra; Jessebel, the Beauteous Princess of the Pleiades; and Aza’Khol, the Grey Overlord of Zeta Reticuli. These six representatives of their respective civilisations voted to conduct research and experimentation on the fledgling Earth and its developing ecosystem, to harness the planet’s materials and extract its natural resources, and to indulge in the myriad pleasures of the physical form.


On the other side of the table sat those opposed to the idea, who would see the Earth plane left unscathed and instead chose to dedicate their energies towards greater spiritual knowledge and to ascend as one, closer to the Source: Apellion, the ethereal Master Oracle of the Arcturus Stream; Anubis, the Jackal-Headed Guardian of Sirius Alpha; Delphin of the Nommos and the Ocean-Dwellers of Sirius Beta ; Maae’t and Dhwty, the Ibis-like Masters of Truth and Wisdom from Khnum; and Arduinna of the Cosmic Forests.


The Council of Twelve found itself in a stalemate, with neither side holding more votes than another. But that was the old Council of Twelve. For now in the Thirteenth chair sat Anu, the Winged Skylord of Nibiru, his eagle-like head observing the discordant debate. With his input, representing the dubious motives of the Annunaki, the vote was swayed and the motion passed for the peoples of Atlantis to conduct their experiments and physical indulgences.


And thus it came to pass that the Great Lemurian Empire was split in two, with those who favoured spiritual pursuits on one side and those who sought physicality on the other. Those who remained in Lemuria conducted their spiritual quests, recording their wisdom for future generations, while those who migrated to Atlantis began to use their knowledge and technology to manipulate matter and energy to their will. Let it not be said that either side held animosity towards the other, for there was none. All was at peace, for an agreement between the twelve, now thirteen, tribes had been reached, and there was mutual understanding and respect.


But the stage had now been set, and while the other races continued along their respective paths of science or spirituality, the Annunaki watched and waited. An imbalance was starting to form, and the opportunity to push Lemurian and Atlantean civilisation over the edge was fast approaching...

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