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"Wait, really?" Sam Hain asks, staring at you with a boggle-eyed expression. "Well, shit."

He screws the paper up in his hands, casting it aside and into the fire. There's a whoosh of flames, momentarily distracting you as the occult detective leaps to his feet. In a whirlwind, he reaches inside the breast pocket of his jacket, withdrawing a device of some kind.

If you didn't know any better, you'd have described it as a technological wand.

Very out of place in this medieval fantasy tavern. 

There's barely a moment to act.

Sam Hain has raised his TechnoWand, and is aiming it right at you.

He begins to utter an incantation, a rush of words tumbling from his lips one after the other.

"I can not permit that you remain,

Being whose essence is most profane.

I banish thee now from this domain,

Though I hope you've enjoyed this little game."

There is a flash of light, and you feel your connection between Cyberspace and the Astral Plane being severed, your demonic essence hurtling back into the depths of the Void.

You Have Been Banished.

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