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Sam Hain - Occult Detective

Sam Hain - Occult Detective is a contemporary fantasy series of novellas which follows the supernatural adventures of the eponymous occult detective, Sam Hain, and his burgeoning psychic companion, Alice Carroll. Together, they investigate the paranormal and face off against ghosts, demons, and all manner of other-worldly forces which try to cross from their dimension into our own.


The modern world may have forgotten about beings of myth and magick, but the magickal world has not forgotten. Things are not quite as normal as they may seem, and from somewhere across the void, darkness is coming...


The first episode of the series, All Hallows' Eve, was originally written and released on Halloween in 2013 for All Hallows' Read.


The Sam Hain series is available in paperback from the Sam Hain's Casebook website, and are also sold on Amazon as paperbacks and on Kindle.


For more information about the series, please visit

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"Imagine Constantine written by Douglas Adams for Doctor Who, and you'll be roughly in the right area for this highly enjoyable series.  Bron James skillfully weaves a thrilling tale of private detective Sam Hain and his plucky assistant Alice as they investigate murder, magic and other paranormal events."

-Jeremy Biggs, Subversive Comics

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