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Far Beneath the Distant Stars

I urge whoever receives this to take note of my

experiences, of the fate that befell the Endeavour

and all who served aboard her, and to take heed

so that the same doesn't happen again. May no-one

else be forced to suffer the same fate.

Do not return to Lyrae 438b.



The Endeavour Expedition was to be a journey of discovery, carrying a crew of researchers to a world 500 light-years away. It promised to be a mission that would pave the way for the future of extrasolar colonisation. However, when members of the expedition start going missing, the crew of the Endeavour discover that something beyond their darkest nightmares lies just beneath the surface of this remote, forbidding planet...


A cosmic horror sci-fi novella set 150 years into the future, Far Beneath the Distant Stars catalogues the mission of the starship Endeavour through the logs of an exogeologist as he witnesses the fate of the expedition unfold before him.


The story is the first in the planned Distant Stars trilogy of sci-fi novellas with the sequel - Across the Star-Lit Void - currently existing as a jumble of scrawled notes in an old notebook.


Far Beneath the Distant Stars was voted among the top 10% of stories nominated in Inkitt's Beyond Time sci-fi literature contest.


Available on Amazon's Kindle store.

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